Syntax between < > is required & syntax between [ ] is optional.

-spam Toggles the anti-spam system. Very basic, just deletes duplicate messages

-banlist Return the banlist. Requires ban members permission

-toggle Toggle commands in the current channel.

-welcomemessage Toggle the welcome messages sent when users come and go.

-membercount⚠️ Work In Progress ⚠️

Usage: -membercount <create/delete/here>

-mute ⚠️ Work In Progress ⚠️

Usage: -mute <user> [<duration/reason>] [<reason>]

-filter Filter command

-purge purge X amount of messages. Very efficient.

Usage: -purge <integer> 


-warn Warn users (3 subcommands)

warn <user> [reason] - Add a word/string to the filter (Usage: -warn @Ben#0001 Consider this your last warning...)
relieve/unwarn <user> - Remove the warning from specified user (Usage: -relieve <user> <warn ID>)
warnings <user> - Clear all filtered content

-suggestion Suggest something. Owner receives this message directly

Usage: -suggestion <text> 

-bug Report issues to the owner directly

Usage: -bug <text> 

-info Shares info about a certain user. If none is given, bot info will be given instead.

Usage: -info [user]

-name Rename a user to whatever you like. Requires kick members permission

Usage: -name <user> <newName> 

-kick Really? You need more info? C’mon. Requires kick members permission.

Usage: -kick <user> [reason]

-ban Same stuff really. About as basic as it gets. Requires ban members permission

Usage: -ban <user> [reason]

-warn warns a user with optional reason

Usage: -warn <user> [reason]

-warns check the warns of a user / remove them

Usage: -warns <user> [string]

-verification Creates/deletes a verification channel / change the message

Usage: -vericiation <message> [string]

-setrolecolor Changes the role color of your input-role | requires MANAGE ROLES

Usage: -setrolecolor <role> <int>, <int>, <int>

-addrole Useful for quickly giving everyone a role

Usage: -addrole <user/@everyone> 

-removerole Useful for quickly removing everyone a role

Usage: -removerole <user/@everyone> 

-perms Check what permissions people have

Usage: -perms <user> 

-matchperms Compare permissions between 2 users

Usage: -matchperms <user> <user> 

-kickname Allows you to get rid of bots who share part of their name e.x: john232232 and john3453333

Usage: -kickname <text> 

-kickalts Allows you to prevent new accounts from joining. No argument = toggle it on or off.

Usage: -kickalts <timespan> 

-unban Unbans a specific user. Requires ban members permission

Usage: -unban <user> 

-ascii Convert normal text to ascii. Cool I know.

Usage: -ascii <text>

-prefix Set the bot’s prefix. You can always use the mention tag as a prefix too

Usage: -prefix <text>