Syntax between < > is required & syntax between [ ] is optional.

$cape Check the cape of a player

$guild Check a guild by name of by player

$history Check the name history of a user

$kitlb Check specific kit leaderboards for the blitz survival games minigame

$socials Check the socials of a player

$statsCheck the hypixel stats of a given user

Usage: -stats <player> [mode] [additional info] 

Game Types: Arcade, Bedwars, Blitz, Bridge, BuildBattle, Duels, Megawalls, MurderMystery
Paintball, Pit, Quakecraft, Skywars, SmashHeroes, SpeedUHC, TKR, TNT, UHC, VampireZ, Walls

$status Get information based upon the server the player is in, like gamemode, and gametype

$unverify Unverify your account

$uuid Return the Uuid of a user

$verify Verify yourself for easy command execution to save time

$watchdog Return basic watchdog stats. Not very detailed