Syntax between < > is required & syntax between [ ] is optional.

-play Plays a song

Usage: -play Gangnam Style 

Usage: -play 

Usage: -play soundcloud Gangnam Style 

Usage: -play 

-soundcloud Play a specified soundcloud track

Usage: -soundcloud psy - gangnamstyle 

Usage: -soundcloud


-pause Pause/Resume the current song

-stop Disconnect & clear the queue

-skip Skip the current song or the specified number of songs

Usage: -skip [<amount of songs>] 

-loop Loop the current song. Loops until stopped or channel is empty

-rolesystem Toggles whether or not the Dj role is required to use any music commands.

-replay Set the progress of the song back to 0 (-forward 0s has the same result)

-queue Displays info about the current song + 10 upcoming songs aswell.

Usage: -queue [clear/reset] 

-youtube Search YouTube for your input. It'll return the first 10 results.
  You can then click the emotes at the bottom to specify which tracks
  you'd like to add to the queue

Usage: -youtube <input>

-lyrics Get the lyrics of a song (if any)

-volume Set the music volume. Requires the kick member permission

Usage: -volume <1-100>

-forward Forwards the progress of the song.

Usage: -forward <timespan>