Bot Commands

Syntax between < > is required & syntax between [ ] is optional.

-help simple message that won’t help you since you’re here anyway

-commands Essentially the same thing as -help

-creator Gives some basic info about the creator, the bot and a few other bits and pieces

-credits Alias of -creator

-statistics Check the current statistics in terms of members & their statuses.

-screenshare Easy way to allow screensharing in a server

-joincard WIP

-question Creates a new trivia question. Type A,B,C,D to answer.

-trivia Send the trivia leaderboard

-urban Search the urban dictionary for your input

Usage: -urban <message>

-mc MC Achievement generator. Probably usable for shitty memes or something

Usage: -mc <text>

-ticket Pretty decent built-in ticket system. Create a category named Tickets or Support.
Tickets will be put under that category. Optional: Creating a Logs channel under this
category will receive all the closed ticket’s transcripts. The user also receives the
transcript in their Direct Messages

Usage: -ticket <new [topic]/rename/close/keep/create/add <user>>

-skin Very simple skin checker.

Usage: -skin <player>

-emote Simple emoji adder. Requires the ADMIN permission

Usage: -emote add <link to image>

-poll Basic poll feature. Seperate the answers by commas (,).
Basic example: -poll Is XYZ cool?,Yes,No,I don’t know XYZ

Usage: -poll <text>

-reaction This is a custom command system. It currently supports a bunch of variables too.

Usage: -reaction <add/remove/removeall/list/list.raw>
Example: -reaction add -example [This is an example!].

-messagecreator Creates a neat little embed for you. Based on lines. First line is the title, the rest is the body. You can specify the color by putting `-c 255, 0, 0` as the last line

Usage: -msgc <text> 
Example: -msgc Hello everyone,
you're all cool
-c 255,0,0

Bot Commands